MSEE and Applied Physics

Years of

Richard Hertel has been a staff and systems engineer, chief engineer, and data scientist for more than 45 years. He offered his knowledge and expertise to successful NASA and NOAA projects and has achieved a record of on-time delivery of quality results on cost-limited projects, large or small. He also has been an entrepreneur, co-founding a software engineering company in 1982 that remains in business today.




  • From 2014 to present, data scientist on a NASA-funded project at Logistikos Engineering.
  • Served from 2005-2014 as a part-time Systems Engineer to Exelis, Inc., and its predecessor, ITT Geospatial Systems Division.
  • From 1994 -2005, he was lead system engineer on ITT’s successful MTSAT Imager IPD team and responsible for all Imager performance.
  • As a senior staff engineer from 1985-1994, he was as an in-depth technical information source for ITT’s customers seeking x-ray, UV, visible, and near-IR detectors.
  • From 1968-1982, he produced electro-optical subsystems for star trackers, low light level cameras, computer-controlled cameras for automation, and photon counting research equipment.



  • Proposal preparation
  • Design review
  • Information source for customers
  • Training manual and technical report writing
  • Peer review experience
  • Study result presentation



  • B.A., Mathematics and Physics, Lewis and Clark College (1965)
  • M.S., Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, Cornell University (1968)
  • Author/co-author of 17 papers on electro-optical topic
  • Inventor/co-inventor on seven patents