Years of

Gary R. Walker has 29 years’ experience in mechanical design and manufacturing support of optical scanning systems used in satellite-borne weather data collection remote sensors, developed for NOAA.




  • Responsible for complete mechanical design of both one and two axis scanning mechanisms utilizing flat mirror(s) driven by high-accuracy servos to direct the image of the earth scene into an optical telescope of the remote sensor system. 
  • Responsible for production of all mechanical drawings associated with custom fabricated machined parts, assembly drawings, parts lists, and manufacturing support to production/test of scan mechanisms.
  • Responsible for specification, procurement, and testing of ball bearings for long life operation of scan mechanisms in the high vacuum of the space environment.
  • Responsible for design, build, and execution of bearing life test programs.
  • Responsible for specification, procurement, and testing of brushless DC servo motors used in scanning mechanisms.
  • Five years of design experience with machinery and/or tooling used in various phases of automated electric motor manufacturing.



  • Coil winding
  • Wire handling and tension devices
  • Coil insertion
  • Slot wedge makers
  • Coil in-slot drift presses
  • Coil end turn blocking presses
  • Lamination stacking
  • Stator cleating
  • Slot cell inserters



  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Indiana institute of Technology